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Overcoming Anxiety – Time to stand in the sun.

I have spent most of my life standing in the shadows, afraid to speak up for fear of being wrong or laughed at. Fear of other people’s opinion of me, offending someone or letting those I love down.

The shadow’s are cold and lonely, for me they were filled with fear which developed into a severe anxiety disorder. My anxiety crippled me and stole a large chunk of my life. I was scared to go out and be with people but simultaneously afraid to be on my own. I never knew what would trigger a panic attack that could leave me in bed for days at a time.

I was frustrated as I had a voice but didn’t know how to use it and when I did, I spoke with a whisper so no-one listened. Why would they? I had no confidence in myself so why should others?

In October I met someone that would change this, Antonia Mariconda aka The Cosmedic Coach. I attended Antonia’s How to Build your own beauty blog workshop with immense trepidation. The beauty world felt so far removed from my life a slummy mummy 😉

face fears stand in sun anxiety

This workshop literally changed my life. Antonia talked about leaving a legacy and taking charge of your life, working out what you want to say then saying it. At the end of the workshop I got the honor of speaking with both Antonia and Melissa Foreman, little did I know this conversation would change everything and I would go onto be friends with these amazing ladies. Both of them told me to embrace myself; forgive myself; love the body I am in; stand up and speak.

In the months since that initial meeting I have been accepted into a group of #coachettes we support one another in a way that I have never experienced. There is no snide bitchiness only love and support.

I have had the confidence to speak – loudly. My voice has been heard in The Telegraph, Wales Online, BBC Radio Wales. I have coveted spot as a Huffington Post blogger.
I am about to be published in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine and will be interviewed for TV this week. I am also a guest speaker at The Allergy and Free From Show and The Advanced Beauty Conference. Pretty crazy huh!

I no longer cower in the shadows afraid of my own voice. If something scares me I face it head on. Just yesterday I said “it scares me but I’m doing it.” I take medication for my anxiety, yes I said it, I admit it. I am not ashamed of it. It helps me.

overcoming anxiety

Standing in the sun of course brings its dangers – we all the know about the dangers of sun burn. This is no different, not everyone will like what I have to say and some may get critical, but that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I’m prepared I’m wearing my sunscreen and I’ve got my girls to boost me when I get a bit sun stroke!

I am standing in the sun, it’s amazing.I am warm, I am happy and I am no longer afraid to speak. My anxiety no longer rules my life.

I encourage you all to face your fears and stand up. Your voice is unique and should be heard.

20 thoughts on “Overcoming Anxiety – Time to stand in the sun.”

  1. Well done Claire, I understand completely how you’ve felt and how you’re feeling now. I’m glad you’ve had the courage to blog about your anxiety and I hope that it will help others to understand and go in to feel better about their own conditions.

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  2. Hi Claire, what an amazing post. I know how much courage it takes to speak up about what is such a huge stigma in today’s society. It feels like things are starting to change and more and more people are choosing to ‘standing in the sun.’
    It refreshing to see someone talk about it and I hope it inspires many others. I’ve wanted to post about it myself, to speak up, but fear what my colleagues and peers would think, it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? E

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    1. Hi Erica, trust yourself and your spidysenses when it’s right for you blog about your journey you will know. It’s taken me a long time to talk openly. I’m on Twitter etc if you want to chat / support. Remember you are unique your voice is unique x


  3. I stumbled upon this post on Facebook. Congrats for your decision to speak out! It’s always refreshing to read stories that sound a bit like our owns. I completely understand what you mean: I myself have been through severe anxiety too. And just like you, I’m writing about it on my blog, hoping it could be of and any help for others. If you’re curious and you want to have a look at it, you can find my blog at
    Best wishes to you and keep enjoying the sunlight you deserved! 😉

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  4. It took about 15 years for someone to recognise that the issues I had with depression were more to do with anxiety than anything else. For me, anxiety comes out of stress and my reaction to it makes me depressed. As soon as I knew that, it’s changed my life for the better and I’m far more able to realise when things are getting too much. Dropping in from #PoCoLo


  5. Well done you, I myself have social anxiety/odd and autism so can identity how crippling anxiety is and how tough it is to use your voice. You have made a huge transformation and really inspiring. You deserve to enjoy the sunshine X #thankfulthursday


  6. Truly inspiring, well done for taking the steps you need to feel better, and by talking about it you will be helping others. I suffer with some anxiety and confidence issues, and its so hard to believe in yourself, the problem I have it that my little boy seems to be showing some of my traits and I want so much to help him before he get older.


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