Childhood and Coeliac Disease

Watch me on TV talking about Coeliac Disease and Jamie Oliver

Watch me talk about my new website on Made In Cardiff TV.

The website is still under construction, ease get I touch if you would like to be a part of it.


1 thought on “Watch me on TV talking about Coeliac Disease and Jamie Oliver”

  1. Hi Claire, was great to watch your video and realise your not alone. My daughter was poorly for a long time to and diagnosed with coeliac last year at age 6. It has been quiet a daughting as I never even heard of coeliac before, my self as a parent have the same issues as your family we find it difficult to eat out , we went into London last week and went through a lot of restraurants before we finally found somewhere safe to eat, by the time we finally found somewhere the little one was quiet distressed, we kept calm at each stop and kept saying it’s fine we will find somewhere soon and we had ” it’s my fault we can’t just eat any where isn’t it” bless her my heart was wrenched how can they possibly feel it’s there fault that they cannot eat certain food. After diagnosis it was very daughting I found there was so lack of information provided to us as a family, I was living on google trying to find information. I’m sure I have educated myself very well to it now with the help of websites,The little one is doing very well gluten free and we have noticed a big improvement . And as for cooking well.. I have started to enjoy it that I left my current job as a learning support assistant at a special needs school
    And gone to catering in schools 😀Keep up your good work and let’s all hope it will get easier for us all xx


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