The purpose of this is blog is quite simply to leave a legacy for my children. As with all things this blog has developed over time. It started out being a place for me to chase my identity and talk about the beauty industry. I was trying to rediscover my self after having the kids. I was lost. Through a serious of events that are not in here and I may tell you about one day, I found that I have a voice and I am allowed to use it.

One day I would like my children to be able to look back through this and read about what was happening around them when they were growing up. To give them a way to connect with me in the years ahead when they will feel disconnected, as all teenagers do at some point, for them to see me as a person who has struggled and ‘does understand’. I like to think it will give them a chance to get to know Claire the person, not just Claire the mum. The person who has her own hopes, dreams and opinions.

Just as I was starting my blog my children were diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Coeliac Disease is an auto immune disease where sufferers cannot eat Gluten. This unexpected curve ball changed the direction of this blog. It is now includes a place for me to talk about the struggles of bringing up 2 children with Coeliac Disease. A place for me to share my story and experiences so that hopefully other parents will not feel alone. For those just getting a diagnosis pull up a chair, get comfy and let me help you navigate your way through it. A place for recipes and recommendations. I hope this blog will also help raise awareness of Coeliac Disease in children. Restaurants need to take this seriously and start catering for our kids.

Children with Coeliac Disease being welcome and provided for in restaurants, hotels, high street stores etc is a part of the Legacy I want to leave my kids.

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