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Overcoming Anxiety – Time to stand in the sun.

. I was scared to go out and be with people but simultaneously afraid to be on my own. I never knew what would trigger a panic attack that could leave me in bed for days at a time.


Jamie Oliver please help kids with Coeliac Disease

Since this original post I have been contacted by lots of people that would like to support me in asking Jamie Oliver to help. I have set up a thread on his Facebook wall where you can leave a comment. Craig Williams MP and Rhun ap Lorweth AM have commented. To add your comment follow this link
Jamie Oliver
Thank You for your support. Claire

It has been quite a week! Between school runs, homework and tonsillitis I found myself with the opportunity to speak out about the challenges we face when eating out with our children who have Coeliac Disease. An opportunity to address a celebrity chef whom I greatly admire and respect, Jamie Oliver, in The Daily Telegraph

For those of you who don’t know Coeliac Disease is an auto immune disease which causes an immune response that damages the gut. I won’t get to too technical but basically the villi, (little finger like protrusions) in the gut swell up, causing a range of symptoms and preventing food being absorbed properly. Our kids both get awful stomach pains, constipation, headaches, fatigue and muscle aches just from eating a grain of Gluten. That’s the thing you see, with Coeliac Disease you can’t have “just a little bit” and be OK, you cannot eat any…

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This has so many lovely ideas that I had to share them with you all. I think my favorites are numbers 1, 8 and 14. What are yours?

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Remember your childhood? Dodgy dangerous homemade go carts, bruised knees & war wounds, climbing trees & building dens, wheelbarrow racing & playing out from dawn til dusk. The holidays seemed to last forever & be filled with adventures that we made without any money in our pockets but with bucket loads of imagination and hearts full of enthusiasm to pedal through puddles, ignore the rain & live for each minute of each day in a world of natural make believe with no concept of time & only how long we could play out being our focus & when we could next call for our mates. It seems that at the time we hade no knowledge of the importance of the era, how times would change & how we would sit back as we grew & realise the importance of the freedom we had in our youth in all that we…

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