Disclosure by Claire Campbell-Adams

I publish my thoughts and opinions based on my own research and findings, good or bad. I have learnt that the only way to write is with integrity, I now publish my blog with complete transparency, none of the posts on my blog are paid for, If a blog is commercially supported or sponsored it will have the letter (P) on it. I accept advertising to the home page of my website, this carries a premium rate.
All of my blog posts are exclusively written by me and posted in real-time.
Asides from my own blog, I may also publish on my blog guest posts by members of the public to allow them to share their experiences of life with Coeliac Disease. I do not charge for this. I also invite experts to write guest blogs. I do not charge for it. I often ask medical experts to verify my content before I publish. Not all of my posts are medically verified or checked.
Any article published on http://www.clairecampbelladams.com should not be substituted for qualified medical advice and I would always advocate that you seek professional advice and guidance for any medically related topic or subject.
All original text and photographs are copy write Claire Campbell-Adams please ask permission for use.

Disclosure written by Claire Campbell-Adams – Updated March 2015

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