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Interview with bloggers who are protesting Protein World Advert

Protein World have chosen the slogan "Are You Beach Body Ready?" to appear alongside a photograph of model Renee Somerfield advertising their Weight Loss Collection. Read what Richard Staveley, head of global marketing for Protein World, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle, in response to the controversy here. Fiona Longmuir and Tara Catstello staged a protest by… Continue reading Interview with bloggers who are protesting Protein World Advert



This has so many lovely ideas that I had to share them with you all. I think my favorites are numbers 1, 8 and 14. What are yours?

familydaystriedandtested's Blog

Remember your childhood? Dodgy dangerous homemade go carts, bruised knees & war wounds, climbing trees & building dens, wheelbarrow racing & playing out from dawn til dusk. The holidays seemed to last forever & be filled with adventures that we made without any money in our pockets but with bucket loads of imagination and hearts full of enthusiasm to pedal through puddles, ignore the rain & live for each minute of each day in a world of natural make believe with no concept of time & only how long we could play out being our focus & when we could next call for our mates. It seems that at the time we hade no knowledge of the importance of the era, how times would change & how we would sit back as we grew & realise the importance of the freedom we had in our youth in all that we…

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Childhood and Coeliac Disease

A Party with The REAL Elsa and Gluten Free Food

Last week my 5 year old, Frozen obsessed, daughter was invited to a birthday party. This is a short post to say a Massive Thank You to the mum who organized the party. Eden was provided with her own picnic box of Gluten Free food and a slice of Gluten Free cake. I cannot express… Continue reading A Party with The REAL Elsa and Gluten Free Food


I’m Dyslexic Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I love reading, I can't begin to describe how much I love to get lost in a good book. The characters that become like friends and the places that end up feeling so familiar. With this in mind I have always wanted to write my own book, to be able to give back as it… Continue reading I’m Dyslexic Follow my blog with Bloglovin


New Year – Accepting Me Follow my blog with Bloglovin

There has lots of post in last month or so titled New Year New Me which have made me wonder why do these people have such little respect for the old me? It's also challenged my sense of self and my respect for the person I was last year. Yes there are things I would… Continue reading New Year – Accepting Me Follow my blog with Bloglovin


My thoughts on Renee Zellweger

In a week where twitter went nuts over Renee Zellweger's new look I find myself challenged by my judgment of her. It's taken me a few days to write something about this, as it is an important issue. I know there are many who will argue the contrary however this woman has been judged by… Continue reading My thoughts on Renee Zellweger